What We Do

Today, millions of Syrians are displaced both within and outside of Syria.  While relief may come to those who have been welcomed into the United States as refugees, that feeling becomes quickly accompanied with much anxiety and fear.  Refugees are challenged with an overwhelming amount of emotions as they come in.  Not only are they forced to leave their homes and their belongings not knowing if they will ever return, but they now are entering a new place they must call home.  This new home may be a place very unfamiliar to them in terms of language and customs.  Furthermore, rather than having time to adjust to these changes, they are forced to quickly find a way to provide income for their homes and families not knowing who they can trust or who they can turn to for support.

Friends at the Syrian Community Network want to help fill that void that is created in between leaving what they always knew as home, and entering what is for most of them the beginning of a new life.  We can help provide that seamless transition by teaming with resettlement agencies as both partners and mentors.  We can act as partners to these agencies by not only offering translation skills, but moreover in working to educate case workers on the situation in Syria, its overall ethnic landscape, and the culture of its people.

More importantly, we can team up with agencies as mentors to the new families they serve.  For these families, nothing could be a more welcoming homecoming than receiving frequent and consistent visits from an individual or family who descends from the same roots, speaks the same language, and who can offer advice and awareness on living options and community services best suited for the family.  Furthermore, as mentors, we are best positioned to help nurture a trusting and long lasting relationship between the case worker and the family it serves.

AZSCN appreciates and is blessed to work with its growing list of partners.

If you work for an agency that could find some benefit in teaming up with AZSCN, or if you are an individual or part of a family that would like to take advantage of the transitional mentoring offered by AZSCN, please contact us