Neyef and his New Start

Families are faced with so many difficulties when they start a new life in an unfamiliar country. Nayef is a one of those new comers from Syria, he arrived to Arizona only 3 months ago. Nayef and his wife have two kids, the youngest is Mohsen, a handicapped 8 years old boy, and his older brother Saleh, is 13 years old.

Nayef found a job at the airport, but desperately needed a car to get to his work. With the help from members of our organization, AZSCN provided Nayef a car (Prius 2004) for his commute. Nayef promised to help his neighbors if they needed a lift and to donate back to our organization when he can to help other refugees.

There are a lot of new refugees who need help just like Nayef, with your help and generous donations, we can make a difference in their lives.

Help us help more families by donating or volunteering today.